1/2 Inch Velvet Tag Collar


Tag collars are great for keeping identification on your pets.  They slide over your pets head, and are adjustable but do not have a buckle so there is less bulk.  Made with rich velvet sewn onto webbing and lined in soft fleece.  If you would prefer, you may order your tag collar to be made with any of our 1/2" trims instead of velvet.  Just input your trim choice in the section above.  You can choose if you would like your tag collar made with an O ring or a regular slide to hang your tags from (we can also include a D ring if you choose) but we highly recommend the stainless steel CollarTags from Boomerang as the safest way to keep identification on your pets collar.  No dangling tags to catch on things.  For this size collar you would order the ADJUSTABLE MINI CollarTag.   If you go out with your dog, you can quickly attach tags with our small tag clips.