Dia De Los Muertos Sugar Skulls Purple 1 Inch Martingale Combo 9-12"

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Vibrant glittery skull ribbon.  Core of collar is made with nylon webbing and is lined in satin.  Nickel hardware.

Martingale combos are designed like a regular martingale but include a quick release snap buckle which makes putting the collar on and taking it off quick and easy. 

Martingale collars were originally designed for sight hounds (Greyhounds, Whippets, Italian Greyhounds, etc.) because their necks are often larger than their heads, making it easy for them to slip out of a traditional collar. Martingale collars are made with 2 loops. The smaller loop is called the control loop and attaches to the leash and tightens when pulled. The larger loop is called the adjustment loop and is adjustable to fit your dog’s neck. Properly fitted, the collar should be comfortably loose when not in use.

To ensure a good fit, please make sure the following measurements are in the range of the listed size.  
PLEASE NOTE:  Martingale collars slide on and off over the head, so please ensure the collar measures an inch or two larger than your dog's widest head measurement so it will slide on and off comfortably.  
Measure the following using a soft tape measure.  Measure snug but not too tight:
A: around the widest part of your dog's head (just in front of the ears)
B: around the narrowest part of your dog's neck (right behind the ears) 
C: around the neck where the collar will sit

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