Elf Boutique Clothing and Accessories

It's that time of year again!  Give your elf a sense of style this holiday season with some stylish and fun elf wear! Here we offer embroidered clothing and accessories to fit the original 12" elf on the shelf doll and other similar 12" dolls.  Like our elf gear but don't have an elf doll?  We've got you covered!  Purchase (adopt) an Elf Doll here.  These happy little elves are ready to come home with you and have some fun!  They are ready to report to Santa every night on how well you behaved.  They love to play hide-and-seek, play dress-up and help decorate for Christmas; although sometimes they can have a little too much fun and get into mischief.  Have no worries--it's all in good fun!  They just need a name and their assignment can start.  You can even hack your elf and insert wire in the arms and legs making them bendable and pose-able.