Houndie Head Information

If you can't find what you are looking for in our Houndie Heads ready to ship inventory, check out my Houndie Head Facebook album for examples of what can be ordered.  If you are interested in ordering, please contact me and I will get an invoice to you; once paid it will go in my made to order queue.
You can choose if you'd like a Bag Tag Key Fob $16 (includes a keyring and swivel clip) or Ornament $15 (includes paw print ribbon loop for hanging).
-Choose color(s) and if you’d like a blaze (stripe up the middle of face) or mask and the color of the blaze or mask.
You can choose if you would like eyelashes and/or a tongue. Eyes and nose are black (the eyes look the best in black) but let us know if you would prefer another color.
-The colors I currently have are aqua blue, teal, light pink, pink, hot pink, mint, purple, lavender, grey, light grey, dark brown, light brown, tan, rust, black and white.
-Ears can be smooth, fluffy or fringe (smooth in front fluffy on back). Fluffy & fringe ears are $1 extra.
We can create a more custom Houndie Head like the ones in this Custom Houndie Head album; please note, the head shape and ear shape are not able to be changed but we can replicate most markings. These start at $25. Please message me with photos and a description of what you would like if you are interested in ordering one. Thank you!