Key Leash - Chevron Glitter Hearts 9"

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Always looking for your keys?  Our keychains are the perfect solution for you.  Slide it on your wrist without worrying about it slipping off.  Constructed of nylon webbing and embellished with a decorative ribbon trim or fabric with a lead free, nickel plated key fob tip and split ring.  This keychain is 1" wide and the strap measures approximately 4.5" long/9" diameter.  Premade and ready to ship, but we can also make them with most any of our 1 inch collar trims. They make great gifts for friends, teachers, dogwalkers, moms, daughters and anyone else in need of a practical and stylish accessory.

Add a Shaka Dog Hawaii keychain clip so you can easily clip your keys onto your backpack, purse, belt loop, etc. when it's not on your wrist. 
Example of clip attached to a keychain is pictured below. Please note our carabiner clips are not designed for load bearing activities.