Premade Shaka Shield Bellyband: Beachside Bungalows 11-13"

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Lined in a soft fleece on the inside, bellybands wrap around your male dogs "private area" like a bandaid.  We recommend inserting a Poise pad or panty liner cut in half or thirds to absorb any liquid.  Shaka Shield Bellybands feature heavy duty hook and loop tabs and are slightly tapered for a comfortable fit.  Completely machine washable to provide many years of wear; just close the tabs before washing and drying.  This will best fit a waist size that falls in the middle of the size listed.  For example: an 11-13" would best fit a 12" waist size.

With a soft tape measure, measure snugly around the waist area where the bellyband will cover. If you don't have a tape measure, you can measure your dog's waist with a string then measure the string with a flat ruler.