Yorkshire Terrier Yorkie Silky / Hearts Bones and Paws - Microwave Bowl Holder


Our microwave bowl holders are made with 100% cotton dog-themed specialty fabrics, are reversible and are sized to fit most cereal and soup bowls.  Use with your favorite microwave safe bowl; our display bowl measures 6" in diameter and 3 1/2" deep but holder will fit a variety of sizes. Pattern placement may vary.

Fill your bowl, place it in the holder, put the holder into the microwave, heat and remove easily without scorching your hands. Great to hold your oatmeal, chili or soup without feeling the heat! It will keep your food hot longer and protect your counters and table tops. Also great for cold dishes like ice cream and cereal!

Microwave bowl holder is made from 100% cotton materials. There are two layers of microwave safe cotton batting for added protection.  Machine washable in cold water, tumble dry on low. Remove while slightly damp and place around a bowl to help retain its shape.

 SAFETY TIPS: • DO NOT USE THE MICROWAVE BOWL HOLDER WITHOUT A BOWL WITH FOOD INSIDE. USE ONLY MICROWAVE SAFE BOWLS • DO NOT leave microwave unattended while in use. • This bowl holder is designed for reheating food, not while preparing food that requires extended cooking times.  

Shaka Dog Hawaii is not responsible for individuals who do not follow instructions and safety tips for using this microwave bowl holder.